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Scientists, Organizations, and Agencies

Carbon Based Corporation - This company brings the knowledge of the world to the individual, recognizing each person's individual biochemistry.
Center for the Study of Complex Infectious Diseases (stealth virus) - Dr John Martin
Connections between gluten/casein and schizophrenia/autism - Dr Robert Cade
Great Plains Laboratory - Excellent resource for lab tests for candida, tartaric acid, clostridium species, other risk factors for psychosis.
ILADS - A resource for health care professionals to learn of the influence of Lyme on "psychiatric" disorders
Lyme Disease Network - another resource for Lyme disease. Note that Lyme is just one of many infections that cause many "psychiatric" disorders.
Mental Health and Illness - Dr Robert Bransfield's site addressing infections and mental illness
Neuro Immuno Therapeutics Research Foundationi - Dr Hugh Fudenber's site deals with autism and transfer factor (I include this because of similarities between autism and bipolar disorder discussed in the book.)
Orthomolecular Medicine Online - a comprehensive look at orthomolecular medicine, a way to prevent and treat disease by providing natural materials for the body in the correct amounts.
Rapid Recovery from Severe Stress-Induced Depression using Magnesium - Mr. George Eby, developer of ColdEase
Safe Harbor  - Dan Stradford's non profit organization dedicated to helping people find alternative care for mental health issues 
Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test Center (Neurotoxin site)-Dr. Richie Shoemaker, whose pioneering work is changing our understanding of neurotoxic illness, multiple chemical sensitivities, and molds

Companies providing products for CNS disorders

Anxiety and Depression Solutions, a site with alternative solutions. Visitors are cautioned that herbs require careful research and consultation as a herb like St John's Wort can cause mania
Dynamic Health Resources , a company providing nutritional support for migraine headaches, bipolar disorder and other serotonin/epinephrine deficiency disorders
Evince, a company that manufactured the original E.M. Power for Truehope. The products are slightly different and each company has a different approach to promoting the use of nutrients for CNS disorders.
Nutrenergy, a company that sells many of the supplements developed by Dr Charles Gant for addictions, ADD/ADHD and mood swings. Pilot projects are ongoing.
Orthomolecular psychiatrist Dr Richard's Kunin's site describing Ola Loa vitamin drink - includes interesting articles on various nutrients
Pfeiffer Treatment Center - Under the leadership of Dr. William Walsh this organization provides individualized assessment and metabolic and nutritional intervention for a wide range of psychiatric disorders

Synergy, also known as True Hope produces E.M. Power, a vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement that has allowed seven of ten bipolar patients in several case studies to successfully withdraw entirely from medications. Dr Bonnie Kaplan and others have done much to demonstrate the effectiveness of E.M. Power through peer reviewed studies which have been published in mainstream scientific journals.

Veda Nutria means study of nutrition in English and it is operated by Dr. Michael Passlack, one of the 1st Naturopaths who worked with specific diets and detox programs.

Other Personal Odysseys

The nutritional healing site was developed by Blake Graham, a nutrition student at Curtin University in Perth Western Australia. The site contains comprehensive nutritional perspectives on bipolar and other disorders.

Jane's Mental Health Source Page, a personal web site that contains original articles about depression and bipolar disorder

Furiousseasons - a bipolar blog that focuses on the current state of mental health care in this country

Bipolar Disorder - Ups and Downs, a personal account of a bipolar teen by Meiter - Nice graphics and lots of room for chatting

Everydayhealth.com/conditions/bipolar-disorder that reports on effectiveness of different interventions for bipolar disorder. E. M. Power and Fatty Acids rate high, as do other approaches. Visitors can share their experiences there.

Sears Publicatons - Robert Sealey, Bse, CA shares how he found natural solutions for symptoms characterized as Bipolar II and recommends in his books ways to get quality care.


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